While one might assume that Medicare subscribers’ main concern is affording costly insurance premiums, this is not always the case. Recent research shows that many Medicare beneficiaries are more concerned about the benefits available to them as part of the traditional Medicare plan.

The majority of people surveyed also requested more comprehensive partnerships between government agencies (such as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) and private health insurance companies. There has been a particularly sharp increase in demand for these relationships following the surge in telemedicine and other digital health options in recent years.

Many people who get their insurance through Medicare also feel that the health-related disparities between ethnic groups are too large and that the agency is not doing enough to close this gap. This issue is especially evident for Asian, black, and Hispanic subscribers. In particular, Medicare recipients are requesting additional benefits across the board, which they feel is one of the more valuable changes in the long-term.

Modifications to traditional Medicare plans would allow subscribers greater access to dental, vision, and hearing-related treatment services. This is especially crucial for older adults, who usually experience more concerns in these areas as a result of other health concerns and the typical aging process.

Despite the identification of more pressing issues, the cost of prescription medications and general out-of-pocket expenses are still a general concern for subscribers. The good news is that, if a reconciliation package gets approved for additional coverage options, it would also open up negotiations for medication prices.

When all is said and done, it’s clear that the general public values the role of private health care organizations and looks forward to their involvement in insurance-related dealings. This is partly due to the level of innovation that such corporations bring to the table.

As for health insurance companies looking to retain subscribers, it is important that they work to increase the comprehensive nature of their coverage options, including the provision of state-of-the-art services. It is equally as crucial to ensure all subscribers can get connected with relevant and skilled providers in their area. It’s vital for insurance companies to understand the needs of their members, since transportation, wait time, and cost are usually deciding factors in where individuals (particularly older adults) get care.

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