Founded in 2010, TOG offers a breadth of provider network analysis, negotiating, payment integrity solutions, and contracting services with unparalleled experience, and the most precise Provider Data Management platform in the market.

Partner with TOG Network Solutions to build your best provider network.

With extensive experience building provider networks for top health insurance companies throughout the nation, TOGs skilled teams of recruiters have established long-term connections with health care providers in all local markets. TOGs proprietary Provider Data Management platform ensures accuracy, efficiency, and reduced regulatory risks.

TOG Network Solutions is certified as a Womens Business Enterprise (WBE) through the Womens Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nations largest third-party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women in the nation. As an MBE/WBE vendor, TOG provides additional value for government contracts.

How TOG Network Solutions is Different

The TOG mission is straightforward: Streamline and modernize the business of health care by substantially reducing inefficiency and making data manageable and accessible.

Clients express appreciation for TOGs collective expertise in health care, long-standing relationships built in the industry, advanced technology, and practical efficiencies that serve both health care insurers and providers.



Accurate, organized, and easy, TOGs databases are built to serve as the single source of truth for provider data.

Enduring connections comprise more than 250 health care professionals in every state and market – provider network executives, project managers, senior negotiators, recruiters, credentialing associates, and reporting analysts.

The cloud-based platform eliminates redundancies and reduces regulatory risks, bolstering efficiency, accountability, accuracy, and accessibility – providing insurers with simply better information in every way.



The TOG senior team brings a combined 100+ years of experience, market intelligence, and trusted industry relationships. TOGs seasoned negotiators know how to work with physicians, medical staff, and facility personnel alike. TOG excels at local, regional, and national levels.

We know the fine points of contract negotiation and scaling services for small-to-large projects, ranging from recruiting national health systems to individual ancillary providers. And we understand current and emerging trends that can present opportunities for new and existing provider networks.



We have simplified the traditional model of building health care networks in America. Leveraging connections, knowledge, and data, TOG Network Solutions communicates openly with clients for collaboration that yields precise, productive, and cost-effective networks.

TOG Network Solutions works across a breadth of provider network management:

  • Analysis & Strategy
  • Provider Recruiting & Contracting
  • Network Filing & Expansion
  • Value-Based Programs
  • Provider Credentialing
  • Provider Data Management
  • Compliance
  • Corrective Action Plan Mitigation
  • Payment Integrity Solutions

The TOG approach involves exhaustive investigation and execution, from analysis to recruiting across all areas of service, to achieve optimal results for satisfied clients.



TOG Network Solutions proprietary Provider Data Management system offers common-sense and actionable insights to help top health insurance companies build better and more efficient provider networks that save significant costs and time.

Your TOG Provider Directory is a single-source source of truth that eradicates redundancies while supporting transparency. The systems multi-functional technology simplifies network data on a read-only basis through a single portal: It tracks directory information, functions as a provider services CRM, and connects to the insurers claims, credentialing, and analytics.

TOG Provider Directories present the necessary solutions for health care insurers to maintain, build, or expand provider networks practically and painlessly.

Your TOG Intake Directory is the tool you use to identify and eliminate configuration issues, credentialing issues, and other human errors.

TOG Leadership

Sarah Mahoney
Chief Executive Officer
In a health care system that too often presents more problems than solutions, were working across the country to establish new standards of excellence in health care and provider network development.
Sarah’s 15-plus years of entrepreneurship includes serving as TOG Network Solutions’ CEO since 2010. Sarah leads TOG Network Solutions strategic growth (including organic and denovo diversification and markets), financial operations and human capital.

As a “servant leader”, Sarah places a premium on her greatest asset – her people. She curates exceptional candidates, and cultivates a committed and long-term relationship based on trust, communication, and consummate professionalism. Sarah puts her team before herself and it shows in the loyalty they show her in return.

Sarah saw a need for an automated and centralized way to track project activity. Her initial internal project-tracking vision was the foundation for what has developed into the turn-key TOG Network Solutions Provider Data Management platform.

Sarah enjoys traveling, yoga, and the abundance of natural beauty and wildlife at her lakeside home in Western New York.

TOG is transforming health care with clarity, know-how, and data integrity that gives insurance companies more complete insights.
Eric has more than three decades of experience in the health care industry, with specialties in technology, operations, sales and marketing, and regulatory risks and compliance. He architected the proprietary, cloud-based TOG Provider Directory, saving insurers time and overhead, realizing efficiencies, and eliminating redundancies.

Striving for transparency and cost-effectiveness in health care, Erics deep relationships in the industry allow him to accelerate service delivery options across the system.

Eric has had operational responsibility for national and regional health plans and providers. He also has expertise in financial management, mergers and acquisitions, IT, and health care informatics.

Eric Olofson