About Us

Why does TOG Network Solutions do what we do?  Because Providers matter…


Managing our health is the single most important responsibility we have. PERIOD. For ourselves and our loved ones. Nothing is more important.

But, healthy is hard. Thankfully, providers are our fixers, teachers, coaches, and sometimes (much needed) disciplinarians.

  • Doctors provide check-ups & general health guidance
  • Specialists diagnose unique conditions
  • Hospitals provide acute and chronic care
  • Pharmacies dispense medicine
  • Laboratories produce test results

TOG appreciates the value all providers offer and has worked diligently within the professional and facility community to achieve appreciation and acceptance. Our reputation and experience provide remarkable market intelligence, shortened negotiating cycles, and more creative win-win opportunities.

TOG was born from a desire to simplify and modernize provider network development and management.  We believe that our combination of quality people, consistent process, and intuitive technology combined with creative risk-reward economics offer a clear advantage beyond the traditional consulting methods.