Leading TOG Network Solutions since 2010, CEO Sarah Mahoney credits the company’s success to swiftly understanding client needs, clearly communicating with clients and colleagues, and developing pioneering technology solutions.

Sarah spearheads an organization whose mission involves streamlining and modernizing the business of provider networks, leveraging three (3) clear tenets. The Provider Network is:

  1. a Health Plan’s asset – how the Payer attracts members and creates financial growth.
  2. their Members lifeline – providing continuity of care and access to skilled clinicians.
  3. and their Provider’s community – a forum which provides easy access to all required data, with timely and accurate payments.

“It’s time for new standards of excellence in health care.” 

TOG Network Solution’s legacy has resulted in longstanding and personal connections between insurers and medical providers nationwide.

Curating the provider network takes expertise, local geography experience, and specialized technology.  Networks aren’t built by robo-calling or blind e-mails and crossing your fingers – hope is not a strategy.  Success in this field requires strategic analysis, financial understanding, and execution by the top professionals in the field to build-long lasting mutually beneficial relationships among Plan, Provider, and Member.”

Sarah leads her team of expert negotiators who establish and maintain relationships across the nation with decision-makers for hospitals, physicians, and other health care providers.

And the technology systems she envisioned has substantially reduced network inefficiencies and compliance risks for many.

For these reasons and more, TOG has become well positioned to create lasting change in the industry.

TOG Network Solutions continually engages in open dialogue with its clients (health plans) and network providers,” said Sarah. “Health plans appreciate our candor, expertise, and proprietary technology platform – which allows them to run airtight networks, efficiently, cost-effectively, and in any market across the country.”