In response to the growing number of senior citizens in the U.S., Humana has begun creating primary care centers with integrated care teams. Such centers have been designed to better address older adults’ social needs in tandem with complex medical conditions. The senior population in our nation has demonstrated quite a demand for this type of care. A recent study shows that almost 80% of senior citizens are living with two or more chronic conditions, most of which require ongoing and comprehensive management.

This all-inclusive method of service delivery is becoming more popular, as it aims to accommodate senior citizens who cannot access care due to social factors such as a lack of transportation or a low education level. 

Such factors consistently serve as barriers to care for this age group and only lead to poorer long-term health outcomes. Fixed rates for patients adds to the appeal of Humana’s clinics, which operate under the moniker CenterWell Primary Care. This proves to be particularly effective since the vast majority of Humana patients are also Medicare Advantage members.

Integrated primary care centers have been a widespread initiative for Humana, as they currently have 220 clinics across the nation and expect to launch an additional 100 between 2023 and 2025. Humana clinics are expected to meet this demand for years to come, as it is predicted that aging baby boomers will seek the same customized care packages.

Insurers should be optimistic about these clinics, since fixed rates, a larger and more collaborative care team, and a wider array of care options can all improve outcomes for provider networks. CenterWell and similar multidisciplinary care models may also offload pressure from insurers to recruit additional organizations and clinicians for their provider network. Such positive results will ultimately lead to greater patient satisfaction and allow insurers to lower costs, which will continue to make care more accessible for the general population.

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