TOG Network Solutions builds the best provider networks in the health insurance industry


Health Insurance Isn’t Simple

Perfect answers are hard to come by. With the many different people and organizations involved, there can be challenges at every turn – for insurers, for providers, and for each of us as patients.

TOG Network Solutions solely curates
Provider Networks, Provider Data, Payment Integrity Solutions

With proprietary processes, cultivated tools, and deep reach, TOG is building and managing accurate, transparent, user-friendly provider data for leading health insurance providers across the country.

Expertise working across the spectrum of health care networks

Commercial Medicaid Medicare Exchange Military

Results & Testimonials

TOG’s robust platform is a market leader for network management. The platform’s 24/7 access coupled with their strong contracting experience and processes enabled our health plan’s key decision makers to quickly make strategic decisions (and ultimately have a very successful network expansion)”

Compliance in network management is not an easy feat for any managed care companies, and TOG exceeded our expectations at every front. Their attention to detail, commitment to quality, and robust reporting is second to none in the industry”

Having worked with other provider network vendors in the past, I was skeptical that TOG would be able to provide my organization with what we needed to resolve our adequacy concerns. Any and all concerns were swiftly alleviated within the first round of communication. The TOG Network Team worked collaboratively, communicated clearly and effectively, provided quality provider network leads, and most importantly produced tangible results that bolstered our provider network strength. TOG clearly has the necessary industry knowledge, relationships, and technical skills to help build a provider network needs to offer adequate care for our members.”
Thanks for delivering on TN network build in a short time frame and delivering the best network in the state. Being under budget and on schedule is something few companies do well and TOG delivered! Many thanks to you and your team for an outstanding job!”

Our team has been extremely pleased with the level of knowledge and skill that TOG operates with. They exceeded our expectations in transitioning us from our legacy rental network to a more efficient and productive direct contracted network. We were pleased with their professionalism and reliability each step of the way. We highly recommend TOG Network Solutions to anyone seeking provider network and contracting.“